Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why Am I Here?

Why am I here?

I’ve been considering this whole blog thing for several months now. I miss the conversations I used to have with coworkers when I was working (I’ve been unemployed for the last 10 months). And, I really miss the chats with my younger sister (who died last Fall). Since I’ve lost the audiences on which I’ve relied, it has occurred to me to throw my thoughts out onto the network in the hope of discovering new ones.

I’m not terribly interested in going over the day to day details of my life – that’s what my husband and parents are for. What I really want is some intellectual stimulation. That is why I’ve been thinking and not doing for months. What can I consistently think and write about that other folks might be interested in? I’ve been thinking of and rejecting ideas for quite some time. I finally ran the blogging concept past my husband (how novel!!). We tossed ideas around for a couple of days and this one caught my interest: write about books I read and the ideas they cause to trickle through my brain.

I read a lot. I usually have at least two stories going at any given time. And I don’t necessarily just “read”. I also regularly listen to audiobooks. I generally have a “hand” book – a library book, paperback or my Kindle – that I can carry with me and read when I have a free moment. I also usually have a book on tape that I can listen to while doing housework and yard work.

I always have an opinion on what I’m reading. Sometimes it is on the work in general, sometimes on a particular idea put forth therein. It is my intent to put those thoughts into writing and send them out into the network in the hope of generating a dialog that will stimulate further thoughts.

That’s why I’m here. With luck I will find plenty of others to hang out here with me.

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