Monday, July 16, 2012

The Guardian by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dark Hunter #21, Dream Hunter #5

               I’d give this 4-1/2 stars on Goodreads if fractions were allowed. I suspect the only reason I’m resisting 5 stars is that there were a few moments when if felt like I was missing something. But since this is book #21 in her Dark Hunter series and book #5 in her Dream Hunter series, that’s only to be expected. I haven’t read all the previous books yet, but I liked this one well enough that they are all now on my to-be-read list.

               I guess by now you realize I liked this one – a lot. It’s got your basic love-conquers-all theme set in a fantasy world inhabited by angels, demons and other immortal types.

               I think the part I got the biggest kick out of is these entities use of modern technology. They communicate via email (among other methods) and carry smart phones. I had to giggle over that. I also totally empathized with one demi-god’s struggles with a new laptop!

               If you do not have a well developed ability to suspend disbelief, this book is seriously not for you. But for those of us who enjoy visiting strange new worlds in our heads, this is a great one. I can’t wait to get to Night Pleasures, the first book in the series.

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