Saturday, January 4, 2014

Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost


Night Prince #1

            This book is okay. I wasn't thrilled with it, but I've certainly read worse. If the rest of the series hits the best seller list, I'll read them, but I won't go looking for them.

            The first chapter of this book was the most interesting, in my opinion.  Leila is living in the Florida town where carnies spend the winter. They are a diverse, interesting and tolerant group who totally have each other's backs. Leila has more than an unusual talent. Due to a freak accident as a child, she must avoid physical contact with others for the sake of their health and her sanity. Electricity builds up in her body which can be discharged into another person with the most casual of touches. It's a lot like when your brother dragged his feet on the carpeting so he could give you a shock, but on a lethal level. In addition, when she makes skin to skin contact with another person, she "sees" their darkest secrets, experiences them as though she were living them.  And considering what a dark and twisted lot humans are, this can be downright horrifying.

            Leila is kidnapped for her ability to connect psychically with others. At first it is not clear why, but she eventually realizes these guys are looking for Vlad, one of the oldest and fiercest vampires in existence. And boy does she connect with him.

            Vlad and Leila seem to be made for each other, and they must band together to thwart the evil intentions of one of Vlad's oldest enemies.

            The story had plenty of action, but lacked spark. I didn't feel the heat between Vlad and Leila, I didn't get any sense of tension. It was just a bit flat. This is a fine story if you are out of others to read, but it just didn't ring my bell.

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