Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Celebrity In Death by JD Robb

    In Death #34

   I loved this book! As you may already know, Nora Roberts (who writes as JD Robb) is my favorite author. I have read every book in this series, and enjoyed them all. I like them so well I own most of them, starting with an ancient paperback copy of Naked In Death, through a series of hard backed editions to the most recent releases in digital format.

   In Celebrity In Death a movie is being made about the Icove case, one of the murders Eve Dallas and her partner Delia Peabody solved (see Origin In Death). Dallas and Peabody are invited to a gathering of several of the principal performers and their real life counterparts. after dining and enjoying a gag reel from the upcoming film, a death is discovered. The actress portraying Peabody is found dead in the lap pool.

   Eve and Peabody set out to determine who done it in this version of a locked room mystery. Everyone at the party was in the screening room watching the gag reel - or were they?

   Before long, a second murder has occurred. This time it is a private investigator that had been hired by the dead actress shortly before her demise. Eve doesn't believe in coincidence, and assumes the two deaths are connected.

   With the help of her expert consultant, civilian - Roark, her husband - Eve follows the money and power to the only possible conclusion.

   With the death of one of Hollywood's rising stars and the arrest of one of its movers and shakers, Eve and Peabody may well find themselves the subject of another blockbuster film!

   I highly recommend this book, but I also recommend reading some of the earlier ones as well. The love story between Eve and Roark over the course of the series is lovely. It's wonderful to watch two independent people strive to make a relationship. Both of them are strong and temperamental, but have their weaknesses and demons. Seeing them give and take and compromise and draw lines in the sand of their convictions makes them feel real. And the murder mysteries are great!

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