Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

          I just finished Gone Girl. And, I've got to say, Wow! What an imagination! As a reader, I am regularly impressed by the imaginative powers of authors. But I am awe struck by Ms. Flynn's - very complex, very devious, positively enthralling.

          Every marriage has its ups and downs. Every spouse gets angry with their partner. Some spouses act on their angry feelings. Nick and Amy Dunne take this to unprecedented levels. They make it an art form.

          Amy Dunne disappears on the afternoon of her and Nick’s fifth wedding anniversary. The front door is standing open when Nick comes home and there are signs of a struggle in the house. Naturally, the police look at the husband first. They always do. Nick’s story does not quite add up and some of the evidence looks staged. And, once the police home in on Nick, they cease to look anywhere else.  Weeks pass without Amy’s body being found. I’d love to tell you more, but do not want to give any of the good stuff away. 
           The story is told from both Amy’s and Nick’s points of view. The voices alternate each chapter.  We see how the two of them met and fell in love. We are given an insider’s view of how they married and each fell out of love. We see how each of them reacted to the crumbling of the marriage.  And we see how all those puzzle pieces fitted together culminate in the events of the morning of their fifth wedding anniversary.

          This is the story of a marriage between two of the sickest, most twisted people imaginable. I loved it. I’m having a tough time describing the story without any spoilers.  It is too good to give away any of the juicy details.  You have simply GOT to read it for yourself. I insist!


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