Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Deep Down by Lee Child

Jack Reacher #16.5

            Deep Down is a short story about the early days of Jack Reacher's clandestine career. I really enjoy the Jack Reacher novels, and the glimpses of his past I’ve gotten from the two short stories are fascinating.

            In this story, Reacher is asked to impersonate an army sniper sitting in on meetings between congressmen and military representatives to discuss a new sniper rifle. His mission is to determine which of four female army officers is leaking the details of the rifle to a European arms maker. When one of the women is killed prior to Reacher’s arrival at the meeting, he is deprived of the ability to observe all four women at work. Instead he follows the remaining three out of the meeting and manages to get himself invited for drinks with them.

            Reacher accomplishes his mission in his usual smart and savvy style. Basing his conclusions on the reactions of the three women to the news of the fourth’s death, and the questions they ask in the meeting, he both narrowly avoids his own death and uncovers a traitor to his country.

            I recommend this story to Jack Reacher fans. If you are unfamiliar with Reacher, start with one of his other books, but definitely get around to this one.

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