Monday, December 31, 2012

Big Sky Mountain by Linda Lael Miller

Swoon-Worthy Cowboys #2

          First, let me say, don't read this book before reading the first in the series, Big Sky Country. I felt lost during most of this story. That is probably the biggest reason I didn't enjoy it very much. There is a large cast of characters that I had trouble keeping straight in my head. And the book felt too long because so much time was spent setting up back stories for so many other potential pairs.

          That being said, this was a quick, fun read. While I did not feel a great deal of tension between the two main characters, Kendra and Hutch, their interactions with four-year-old Madison were wonderfully written. And, Opal, who appoints herself Hutch's housekeeper for the duration of the story was great.

          Kendra is a real estate agent in the small town of Parable, Montana. Hutch Carmody is a rich area rancher. They have some history, but their relationship fell apart years ago. Kendra married someone else, and they both moved on. Now Kendra is back, with her adopted daughter, and Hutch just left his fiancĂ©e at the altar.

          Kendra has some serious trust issues with Hutch, but the old passion is still sizzling between them. When her four-year-old daughter takes an obvious shine to him, they are thrown together. Eventually, nature takes its course, and they end up creating a family.

          Obviously, there will be other books in this series. If the next one hits the top of the best seller list, I'll read it and hope I like it better than this one.

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