Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lover Reborn by JR Ward

Black Dagger Brotherhood #10

            This is the first Black Dagger Brotherhood book I've read, so I am obviously coming into the story line in the middle. Despite that fact, I liked this book well enough that I put the first one in the series (Dark Lover) on the TBR list before I finished this one. While there is a large cast of characters, they are very well defined so I had little difficulty keeping them straight in my head. I am also intrigued by the complexities of their society. That aspect is well thought out and detailed. I'd like to learn more about it. There are also some physical and mental abilities that I'd like to know more about. And, the love story, as always with JR Ward, was spicy indeed.

            This book dealt primarily with the ideas of love lost, and moving past one's grief. There was also a side story featuring the compromises necessary for two strong people in love with each other to build a marriage.

            Thorment (Did I mention I love the characters’ names?) has lost his life mate, Wellissandra. She died in a previous story, but he is not dealing well with the loss. He is refusing to feed and wasting away both physically and mentally. His refusal to deal with the loss of his wife and unborn son is preventing them from moving into the Fade - roughly equivalent to our heaven - and they will soon be lost to oblivion if something does not change.

            No'One has been sent back to the mortal plain after having committed suicide years before. She too must learn to move beyond her self-involvement and grief to arrive at a full productive life.

            Lassiter is an angel attempting to "earn his wings". It is his task to herd both Thorment and No'One in the right direction and prod them toward each other so all three can be redeemed; a task akin to herding cats in this case. The process is sometimes sad, sometimes funny and always entertaining. And Lassiter does finally succeed.

            Whether everyone lives happily ever after remains to be seen, however, as certain factions within their society are plotting to overthrow their king. We'll have to see what comes of that in the next book, Lover At Last.

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