Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fair Game by Patricia Briggs

Alpha & Omega #3

          This is the first book by Patricia Briggs I've read. I really liked it. Normally werewolves are not my thing, and I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this one. It felt more like a police procedural with some paranormal thrown in even though it really is just the opposite.

          Charles is the Alpha wolf in this book. Anna is the Omega, the peacemaker and tension calmer of the pack. They are mates and are having relationship problems as the story begins. Charles has become the enforcer for the American werewolves. Since the werewolves have recently "come out" and the general populace is now aware of them, a much tighter rein must be kept on the were population. Errors in judgment by new weres, and infraction of rules by all are being punished more harshly. Charles feels like he has become nothing more than an executioner. His pack leader is trying to help by removing all other duties from him, but that only makes the situation worse because he has no distractions from it. His mate, Anna, finally has enough and confronts both the pack leader and one of the pack elders about the situation.

          At about the same time the pack is asked by the federal government to consult on a case. The pack leader chooses to send Charles and Anna to help. While chasing down a serial killer that is preying on the Fae, Charles begins to be able to let go of the demons he has been wrestling. And just in time too. With the help of the local werewolves and some witches, the Feds are able to rescue the killers' most recent victim before she can be killed. In retaliation for this rescue, Anna is taken. She uses her wits to keep herself alive till Charles can come to her rescue.

          The bad guys are killed or captured. A trial is held. But the verdict is not what the werewolves and other Fae were expecting. In disgust, the Fairie King declares his people no longer affiliated with or subject to the laws of the United States. And the stage is set for the next book in the series.

          I am looking forward to that next book.

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