Friday, December 14, 2012

Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dark-Hunter #2

            This is the second book in Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series. Dark hunters are rather like anti-vampires. They share the physical traits of vampires, but their role is to destroy them and keep mankind safe.

            Amanda has numerous sisters, all of whom have "special" abilities, including a vampire hunting twin. Amanda prefers to keep herself firmly grounded in reality, and avoids the supernatural like the plague. One evening Amanda's sister calls to ask if she'll go over to the house and let the dog out. Amanda grouses about it, but agrees. While there she is kidnapped by a vampire who seems to think Amanda is her twin sister. Amanda wakes later to find herself handcuffed to a very large, "yummy leather man". He turns out to be Kyrian of Thrace, a two thousand year old Greek Dark-Hunter.

            Amanda finds herself inexplicably drawn to Kyrian. His stunning good looks and intriguing accent may be partially to blame, but whatever it is, it is strong enough to get her past her avoidance of the supernatural. Kyrian also finds himself drawn to Amanda. He has not allowed a woman to get close to him since his Greek wife betrayed him, causing the loss of both his life and his soul.

            Kyrian gets himself and Amanda away from the vampire, Desiderius, who kidnapped them. He takes her to his home where he, and his squire Nick, can keep her safe. She must also walk a tight wire with her vampire slaying sister who does not differentiate between vampires and Dark-Hunters, keeping Tabitha away from Kyrian and out of the clutches of Desiderius as well.

            Desiderius is much more difficult to kill than most vampires and causes Kyrian no end of trouble. A prophecy indicates that only a Dark-Hunter with a soul can destroy him. But by definition, Dark-Hunters are soulless. Amanda does some checking around and discovers that if she is willing to sacrifice all, she can return Kyrian's soul allowing him to finish off Desiderius once and for all. She does what she has to do. Kyrian once again becomes mortal. He kills Desiderius, and Amanda and Kyrian are now free to live happily ever after.

            The love story between Amanda and Kyrian is sexy and fun. It’s very much an opposites-attract situation with a twenty something accountant unable to resist a two millennium old supernatural being. I also really enjoyed some of the other characters, including Nick, the squire. I'd love to see him get his own story.

            This was another fun read from Sherrilyn Kenyon. I look forward to reading the next installment in the Dark-Hunter series, Night Embrace.

            You can read my review of the first Dark-Hunter story I encountered, The Guardian, Dark-Hunter #21 here.

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