Thursday, August 4, 2011

I’ll Walk Alone by Mary Higgins Clark

I wasn’t a big fan of MHG, although I know she is very successful and has a huge following. It has been quite some time since I last read one of her novels. On my personal scale, I’d give I’ll Walk Alone a 6.

It was a quick, entertaining “beach read”. The characters just did not resonate with me, feeling rather two dimensional. However, the plot was pretty good. And, MHG made the very excellent point that even the smallest bit of seemingly insignificant info, when combined with others like it, can reveal a bigger picture. In crime solving, nothing is insignificant. She also made the point that in order to keep your case at the forefront of police attention, you must personally remain involved.

I liked that, as the action quickened and rushed toward its climax, the chapters became shorter. This device really helped me feel the increase in tension and focus. It gave the impression that the story was heading for a violent implosion. The truth was finally revealed, the true culprits discovered and the child rescued just in the nick of time.

I’m not sure why this was titled I’ll Walk Alone, though. No one in this story did walk alone. They all had networks of some type. Perhaps I’m missing something obvious, but the title is the thing that has caused me to pause and think most often while reading the book.

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