Wednesday, April 18, 2012

In Too Deep by Jayne Ann Krentz

               The Looking Glass Trilogy book 1

               I decided to read this book after reading book three in the series, Canyons of the Night. I liked that one so well, I just had to hear the rest of the story.  After reading In Too Deep, I cannot wait to get to Quicksilver, book 2!

               This is a story set in modern times, but with a paranormal twist. Many of the characters have psychical abilities and certain objects are also imbued with power. It is against this background that Fallon Jones and Isabella Valdez meet in the tiny town of Scar Cove.

               Isabella was raised in a family of conspiracy theory believers. She was born off the grid and has lived off it most of her life, moving often and changing names like most women change shoes.  She has psychical talent, but often hides her light under a bushel.

               Fallon is the scion of an old and powerful family of psychical investigators. They have traditionally chaired the Arcane Society, a group who polices the psychic population. 

               Isabella shows up in Scar Cove one dark night and realizes quickly she has found her place in the world.  Not long after, she gets a job as an office manager/investigator at Fallon’s firm.  While investigating a cache of weapons grade psychical artifacts, Fallon and Isabella also discover their love for one another.

               This was a fun who-done-it/love story, with enough twists to keep me interested. And, while this is billed as part of a trilogy, there could very well be lots of stories to tell both before and after the events in these three.

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