Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Only Us, by Susan Mallory

        Fools Gold series book 6.1
               Only Us is was a quick read – I finished it in one afternoon- but a fairly fun one. It tells the story of Rina, a dog groomer in the small town of Fool’s Gold.  She is in love with the local vet, Cameron and his daughter Kaitlin.

               Rina’s best friend talks her into revealing her feelings to Cameron.  Cameron does not react well at first.  He has been badly hurt by his ex-wife who left he and Kaitlin shortly after the child’s birth.

               Rina’s heart is broken, and she feels her only recourse is to separate herself completely from Cameron and Kaitlin. Once she begins this process, Cameron realizes that not only is Rina an integral part of their lives, but that he loves her as well. 

               The ending implies that everyone lives happily ever after. 

               I was not as thrilled with this book, as I was with Only His, the sixth book in the series.  The characters were not as well fleshed out and the plot line was very simple, without any side stories or depth.  But this was not intended to be a full-fledged novel, more of a novella or short story.  And as such it works very well.

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