Friday, September 21, 2012

Fifty Shades Darker by EL James

          Fifty Shades #2

          The plot thickens. This book is quite obviously written as the bridge between the first and last parts of a planned trilogy. The story of Ana and Christian continues.  As the very existence of a second book requires, they do get back together.  True love must conquer, after all.

          Their separation has caused both of them to reconsider their positions. Ana determines she is intrigued by certain aspect of Christian’s lifestyle and hopes she can accommodate some of his less violent needs. Christian, on the other hand, is so appalled and devastated by Ana’s leaving that he decides to abandon the lifestyle altogether so they can be together.

          The two of them continue to work on the compromises necessary for any relationship, and their email correspondence, while not as prolific as in the first book, continues to be one of the highlights of the story.

          Christian has difficulty controlling his “stalker” tendencies where Ana is concerned. He chooses to buy out the company she works for. And when her boss make inappropriate advances on her, has the man summarily fired. Ana is immediately moved into her former boss’s position after only days as his assistant. Has Christian traded BDSM for nepotism?

          Ana remains concerned that, despite his protests to the contrary, Christian has “needs” that she will never be able to meet. She is worried enough to make a visit to Christians psychiatrist to get his take on the matter. He assures her, with Christian’s permission, that her leaving jolted Christian into realizing his needs were really choices and he could change them.

          Ana finally meets “Mrs. Robinson” and continues to find her vile and pedophilic. At a Grey family gathering a confrontation between she and Ana is overheard by Christian’s mother, prompting mom to throw the woman out. Perhaps Christian gets his protective instincts from his mother?

          At any rate, the relationship moves along. Christian and Ana become engaged. All seems headed straight for happily ever after…

…but there’s a third book coming along.


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