Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lothaire by Kresley Cole

          Immortals After Dark #12

          As the “Immortals” part of the series name implies, this is a vampire book. And as the “After Dark” part implies it has loads of sex. And as if that is not enough, it also has lots of violence. And, yet, despite all the legendary creatures and despicable meanness, the love of a simple Appalachian human conquers all.

          Lothaire is a vampire, known as the Evil of Old. He is centuries old, vicious and angry. In this world, vampires’ internal functions become inert at adulthood – late 20’s to early 30’s. Their blood no longer flows; they do not need to breathe or eat. This remains the case until they are “blooded”.  Vampires have one true mate and when they encounter that mate their bodily functions return to “normal”.

          Lothaire, a prince among immortals, a proud and vain vamp, expects his mate to be someone of a similar social standing to his own. And in this story, he is brought to an abrupt reassessment of this belief when he is blooded in mining country in Appalachia. 

          But there is a twist.  He would never have looked twice at the lovely young Elizabeth living in the trailer if she had not been possessed by the spirit of an evil goddess. Lothaire assumes the goddess is his mate, and the girl merely her current vessel. He goes to great lengths to acquire a talisman that will destroy Elizabeth’s soul so he and the goddess can live happily ever after.

          But while the search for the magic object goes on, he is keeping the “vessel” safe from harm. But can he keep her safe from himself?  He wants her badly, and his newly reawakened body is aching for release.  But her frail human body cannot possibly withstand his passions. And as he spends more and more time with Elizabeth, he comes to know her quick wit, clever mind, and stubbornness stronger than the roots of her mountain home. When he finally accepts that Elizabeth is his true mate, he must figure out how to get the spirit of the evil goddess out of her without destroying her. And there are still centuries-old promises to keep and goals to reach.

          This was a pretty good book, and Kresley Cole does an excellent job of creating and maintaining sexual tension through much of the book.  Some of the evil acts are a bit nasty for my tastes, but if you are going to be a prince of evil, nasty just comes with the territory. I did feel that the pace and the eased up an awful lot in the last part of the book. Maybe some rearranging of passages might have suited my tastes better. 

          I’ve also got to say that the guy in the cover art is pretty yummy looking too. 


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