Monday, November 26, 2012

Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris

Sookie Stackhouse #12

            I have not read all the Sookie Stackhouse novels, but I have read several of the earlier ones. I'm not sure exactly ones which since they were before I starting blogging and keeping track of such things. They must have been pretty good, though, because I remembered all the main characters, and, of course, who could forget Bubba?

            In this installment, the vampire king comes to visit. Sookie's boyfriend, Eric, is in his crosshairs. But he is unsure whether it is for punishment or praise, so everyone is tense. While the king is visiting Eric's home, a murder is committed in the front yard. No one knows how the young woman got into the house, or how she might have been killed. Eric's daytime guy, Mustapha, apparently helped her sneak in, but he has disappeared, so no one can ask him how or why.

            Eric is also being encouraged to dump Sookie and marry a vampire princess in a political move to consolidate power. Sookie expects Eric to declare his love for her and refuse the alliance. Eric expects Sookie to make use of the fairy charm her grandmother left her to magic him out of the marriage. They are at an uncomfortable impasse.

            In the mean time, Sookie's fairy godfather returns through the portal in the woods, spiriting one of her roommates away. While he is gone, Sookie starts to realize the roommate was not such a nice guy. And, the fae that reside at his business begin to run wild through town.

            And then there is the pack of werewolves with all their drama.

            Sookie keeps very busy, and is quite entertaining in this latest episode. I have enjoyed reading the last few books and will look forward to the thirteenth book in the series

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