Friday, November 9, 2012

Samurai Game by Christine Feehan

Ghostwalkers #10

            This is another series that I'm arriving in the middle of. This one is about people who have natural psychic abilities and have been "enhanced". For instance, one guy has venom sacs on his wrists and can poison people with a touch. Both of the main characters in this story can teleport, or instantly transfer their molecules from one place to another without passing through the intervening space.

            All the enhanced characters in the story are Ghostwalkers, a clandestine military group that does special missions for the US government. All of them are former experiments of the mad doctor, Peter Whitney. So they have common ground, but very different individual experiences.

            Sam Johnson was raised by a US military father. Azami was raised in the Samurai tradition by a Japanese father. They meet when The Ghostwalkers become interested in the satellite technology offered by Azami's technology company. Azami and her brothers come to visit the Ghostwalkers well-fortified compound and it comes under attack. Sam and Azami find themselves engaged in combat with an unknown enemy. Sam is not only impressed with her abilities as a warrior, he is positively aroused. He never believed he could find a woman who would understand his way of life, but a warrior woman is perfect for him. And Azami finds in Sam a man who will accept, love and desire her despite the physical and mental scars left on her by her time with the mad doctor.

            I like Christine Feehan's stories, although she has a nasty violent streak! I don't think I'll be adding the first nine Ghostwalkers stories to my to-be-read list, but I will happily read others as they come along. And come along they must as the evil Dr. Whitney has not yet been eliminated.

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