Saturday, November 24, 2012

All Summer Long by Susan Mallory

Fools Gold #9

            This installment in the Fools Gold series is yet another quick fun read. This romance is between a firefighter and an underwear model. I know that sounds more like something that would appeal to the men folk, but in this instance, the firefighter is the girl and the underwear model is the boy. Isn't that a clever little twist?

            Charlie Dixon, firefighter, has decided she would like to become a mother, but she is concerned that her fear and distrust of men will have a bad effect on any children she has. She decides that the best way to overcome this shortcoming in herself is to ask a man to help her get past her fear of intimacy.

            Clay Stryker is the new man around Fools Gold. He is stepping away from a successful career as a model and "butt double". His extraordinary good looks have brought him fame and the adoration of women the world over. And the death of his wife has left him largely uninterested in the women who continue to throw themselves at him. He has moved to Fools Gold to be close to his family and to start up a new business in town. His plans to become an active member of the community include volunteering as a firefighter.

            When Charlie decides to ask the new guy to help her overcome her fears, she doesn't really think he will agree. When he does, they are both a little surprised. They are even more surprised to find how compatible they are. Once Charlie feels Clay has completely fulfilled his part of the bargain she is absolutely shocked when he tells he is glad their business arrangement has come to an end. Now they can start dating!

            Neither of them expects to fall in love, but it happens. They have their ups and downs, but ultimately join the ranks of the happy-ever-after in Fools Gold. If you’d like to see my other Fool’s Gold review, just click! Only Us

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