Friday, February 24, 2012

The Next Always by Nora Roberts

          This is the start of Nora Roberts’ latest romantic trilogy. It features three brothers. Brother number one, Beckett, finally hooks up with his high school sweetheart, Clare. She’s been married before, is now widowed and comes with a ready-made family of three boys. (Do I scent the beginnings of yet another series of stories???) 

          The story plays out against the backdrop of a building rehab project being done by the brothers – the restoration of a centuries-old inn.  And, of course, this inn is haunted.  No self-respecting centuries-old inn could possibly be without its resident spirit!  And, naturally, in the climactic scene, Clare is saved only through the intervention of Lizzy, the ghost.

          As always, the small town and its residents are vividly portrayed.  Clare and Beckett with their boys and dogs feel like close family friends. I can’t wait to visit Boonsboro again when the next installment comes out in May 2012.

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