Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Unfinished Business by Nora Roberts

          Vanessa is a concert pianist.  Her father took her away from her mother and the small town in which she grew up immediately after her high school graduation, and helped her launch a successful, international career. 

          Brady is a reformed rebel, now a physician, in the same small town in which he grew up; the same small town Vanessa left at eighteen.

          Van and Brady were more than just high school sweethearts.  They were madly, passionately and innocently in love with one another. Through a series of ill-timed events and the interference of Van’s father, the two were separated after graduation and had no contact for the next twelve years. 

          Now Van’s father has died and she returns home to find that Brady is still there – and still in love with her. But too many questions linger about her own life for her to make the kind of commitment he wants.

          I really liked this story.  I got a kick out of the setting being the next town over from Boonsboro – the setting of Roberts’ current romantic trilogy.  There is also a blast from the past with the appearance of Princess Gabriella of Cordina.  (My copy of Gabriella’s story, Affaire Royale, is copyrighted 1986.)

          I highly recommend Unfinished Business to all Nora Roberts’ fans and anyone else who enjoys a fairy tale romance.


  1. Nora Roberts is a master of her craft. This romance may not be as sophisticated as her other works, but it is still a quick and fun read. I loved the sizzling chemistry and the flirtatious banter - it's a keeper!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I love hearing from other Nora Roberts fans!


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