Friday, March 2, 2012

Zero Day by David Baldacci

          Zero Day is not going to be one of my favorite Baldacci books.  There is really nothing wrong with it except it is a little more slowly paced than I prefer, and it seems to be closely imitating other authors of military police mysteries.  In fact, at times, I was surprised to hear the main character referred to as “Puller” instead of “Reacher” since the character the seemed like it was practically lifted from Lee Child’s stories. And, considering the similarity of the character names, this may have been deliberate.  It has been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. 

          Puller, who works for CID, the Army’s criminal investigative arm, is sent to a small coal mining town in the middle of West Virginia to investigate the murder of an Army Colonel and his family. In conjunction with local law enforcement, more murders are uncovered, embezzlement at the coal company discovered, and treason within the highest ranks of the Army unearthed. 

          All mysteries are resolved, medals received and promotions refused by the end of the book.  Loose ends are neatly tied up.  And, the hero rides off into the sunset with a general. 

          On a scale of ten, I’d give this about an 8.  It’s probably one hundred pages longer than it really needs to be and is not terribly original in character, setting or theme.  But as a means to kill some time and be entertained, it is not half bad.  

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