Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bring Me Home for Christmas by Robyn Carr

          This is a sweet story of finding your love and your place.

          It starts with Becca (love the name, by the way) crashing a hunting/fishing trip taken by her brother and a group of his friends.  One of the guys in the group is Denny, a boy she fell in love with long ago, and with whom she could not build a relationship at the time.

          Becca’s intent was to see Denny again, clear up the lingering feelings she still had for him and move on to an engagement with her current boyfriend. Things do not work out according to plan.

          When Becca breaks her ankle and cannot travel home for several weeks she has the time to realize she still loves Denny. During the same period of time, she also comes to love the people of Virgin River, and she and Denny decide to make their lives there.

          I really felt these characters.  Everyone in Denny’s circle of friends has stuck in my mind.  I remember their names.  That’s one of the signs of a well written story in my book.

          Take a trip to Virgin River with Becca. You may just find you love it as much as she does.

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