Friday, March 23, 2012

Envy by J R Ward

                    Fallen Angels series #3

          J R Ward writes “erotic, paranormal, romance”. That’s not only a mouthful, but quite an amalgamation of genres as well.  And, I must say, she delivered on all three in Envy.

          The Fallen Angels series, of which this is book three, is the tale of a contest between good and evil.  The premise is the very common concept of whichever side collects the most souls, wins.

          We have angels, demons, and humans who interact with them which covers the paranormal aspect of Ward’s writing description. We have some folks finding “the one”, and others working on their long term relationships, which covers the romance aspect. And, we have some well written soft-porn which covers the erotica.  This book has it all, apparently.

          I liked this book and now plan to read both the previous stories in the series as well as the subsequent ones.

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