Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Sweetest Thing by Barbara Freethy

               When an old man stops into Faith’s Fancies, a pastry shop,  and weaves a tale of love and loss and ancient curses, the very practical Faith doesn’t really believe him. But she is charmed by Julien and agrees to assist him in tracking down the love of his life that he hasn’t seen in fifty years.

               Faith soon meets Julien’s grandson, Alex, a successful business owner and a man afraid to open his heart to anyone.

               As the search for Julien’s lost love moves forward, Faith and Alex find themselves drawn to each other, but both have a lot of baggage to unload – and a curse to lift – before they can fall in love and create the family they both want so much.

               This was a quick, fun read. It took me a while to connect that the title is The Sweetest Thing because Faith is a pastry chef. I enjoyed this book, but maybe I would have liked it better if I were more awake when I read it. Go ahead and give it a taste, it’s quite entertaining!

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