Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hidden Summit by Robyn Carr

Virgin River #17              

              Connor’s life is falling apart. His one-year marriage has just ended and he’s putting in ever longer hours at the hardware store he inherited form his father. Taking out the trash one night after closing the store, he witnesses a murder. After coming forward, his business is burned down and his life is threatened. The local DA decides to stash him in the little mountain town of Virgin River to keep him safe till the trial.

               Leslie’s life is falling apart. Her eight-year marriage has just ended. Her husband left her for his pregnant mistress and now expects Leslie to be good friends with the two of them. Leslie heads to Virgin River to get away from them and escape her humiliation for a few months.

               Connor and Leslie meet, sparks fly and love blooms along with the wildflowers in the mountains.

               I enjoyed this edition of the Virgin River saga, perhaps because I’ve read others and am familiar with the town and its characters. Or maybe just because the books are will written and the characters are memorable, and Virgin River is the kind of community we’d all love to be a part of.

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